Vaulting is not only about training on the horse. The basics are obtained in the gym – and we all know it. Gymnastics training can be hard and physically demanding. So check out these 3 Instagram accounts for some inspiration and have fun while sweating!

: They share great videos on how to improve your handstand, shoulder flexibility and strength as well as motivating photos. They offer online courses as well. Check it out!



 @handstandswithzoe: Zoe is a handbalancer and aerialist doing crossfit and yoga as well. She shares cool videos of her handstand trainings. Have a look at her account!



 @lucashorty: Luca Short is a Colombian acrobat, vaulter and gymnast. He’s getting really good at hand-balancing, hand to hand, Chinese pole, and he’s one of us!



Do you follow some interesting and inspiring accounts you want to share with the Vaulting World? Let us know!