Category: Pants

Size: S (4-6)

Color: Grey

Length: ¾

Condition: New

Price: 50 USD


Vaulting Leggings for Sale! Offer


Mottled gray stretch compresion leggings with black lattice mesh diamond cutouts, trimmed at the waist with fancy black elastic (gold diamonds)

Designed and created by Sydney Schimack (Instagram @syd_journeytojuniors

Hey all!  I am 16 years old, and I have been vaulting for four years.  Under Summit Equestrian Vaulters and Christoph Lensing's coaching, my goal is to hopefully succeed in all of my endeavors and qualify for the Junior World Vaulting Championships 2019 in Ermelo, Netherlands through hard work and dedication.  However, the amount of practice, travel, competitions, and time devoted to achieving such a goal is difficult and expensive, and the amount of support my family can give is limited.  To overcome this, I have decided to create custom vaulting goods (leggings, tanktops, numbers, etc.) to sell to the community, all the while taking those funds to support my journey to juniors.  Thank you all for considering and supporting my journey!  :)


S. Schimack