Vaulting Lifestyle

5 ideas to strengthen your bond as a squad

What would a vaulting squad be without a whole lot of team love and harmony? It might be the most important part of our sport, since everything we do together on the horseback wouldn’t work without trust. Especially if new vaulters joined your team it’s a good idea to build an equally strong bond with the new squad to vault as harmonious as before. Here are 5 ideas on how to get a really close bond and build up trust in each other:

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10 skills of a perfect vaulting groom

Being a groom is not easy, especially for a vaulting team. You need to be everywhere and take care of everyone, athletes, lungers and our four-legged partners. Practice, expertise and attention are required. But what makes a perfect vaulting groom? Read on to know what 10 skills a groom should definitely bring!

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Tailored Vaulting Music by Henry Benoit

What are the ingredients to move people to tears during a vaulting freestyle? To succeed in vaulting, you must be a good gymnast, a good horse person, a good dancer or even a good actor somehow. All these ingredients are put together to please your sight. But your sense of hearing is just as powerful: the magical touch that makes you having goosebumps while watching a freestyle, is definitely the vaulting music.

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Vaulting Young Stars

Like all of us, even vaulting stars and talents have to start from scratch, train hard and participate in many regional and national competitions before shining on the international stage. We have found some really cute photos that show that they all have started just like everyone in the Vaulting World: as lovely, little vaulting kids!Read More