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Vaulting in South Africa

South Africa is looking for a motivated vaulting coach for the next months! We have talked to Chelsey Gertenbach to know how vaulting in South Africa is like and what you can expect there!

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Vaulting in Russia: An extraordinary example of team spirit

Unfortunately, the Russian team wasn’t very lucky at last year’s FEI European Championships in Austria. They had problems getting visas to enter the EU and finally decided to compete with 5 instead of 6 vaulters. And if that wasn’t enough, they had troubles with their horse and couldn’t perform their freestyle rounds. However, the past is gone and now they are looking forward to the FEI World Equestrian Games 2018!

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Vaulting in Canada: Canada Cup CVI is around the corner!

Next weekend we will have the Canada Cup CVI (from 24th to 27th of May 2018). So we have talked to Charlene Kostecki, the Chair of Vault Canada and Chef d’Equippe of the Canadian National Team. She gave us some insights on the development of vaulting in Canada, their plans and goals for WEG 2018: to send an almost a full complement of vaulters to WEG!

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Vaulting in Poland: Sometimes it needs a step back to move forward

Vaulting in Poland had its strong moments during the 80s and 90s winning medals at important international championships. Unfortunately, they have had some struggles since then. Now it seems as if they are back on track, thanks to national judges, trainers and lungers with lots of motivation, but also thanks to external help from internationally experienced vaulters bringing their knowledge into the country.

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