If you are not a vaulter yourself, it can be a difficult time for you to find the perfect Christmas gift for vaulters. Let’s review some of the best ideas, for all kinds of wallets!

“The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than its value.”

Charles Dudley Warner

> A Vaulting Calendar

Voltigier Service 2019
Voltigier Service 2019

Inspiring, useful and not that expensive. It is definitely a very good idea.


Shipping: 6,50 € to Germany / 8 € EU / 10 € Switzerland

You can order it here.

> Coloring Book

Vaulting Coloring Book
Photo: Jaynee Giffing

For the little ones, it a cute gift. Pencils are included.


Shipping not included

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> Vaulting Earings

Earings - Claudia Schneider
Earings – Claudia Schneider

Claudia also does some nice customized lamps.


Shipping not included

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> Handstand Handles

Max Kallies Handles
Photo: Max Kallies

Some basics for any kind of vaulter. This is a very good investment for your vaulter’s handstand and determination. These handles are also very stable and heavy, counter to the handles you could purchase in fitness stores. You can read more about the handles on our blog post.


Shipping not included

More information and orders here.

> Customized Leggings by Sense of Horses

The National Leggings have an option to add your name or your team name on the back waistband. Read more about the leggings in our blog post.


Shipping not included

See more details and order here.

> A Bosu Balance Trainer

Bosu Balance Trainer
Bosu Balance Trainer

The vaulters’ best friend. This fitness ball is a very useful tool for balance of course, but also to train the swings and the mount.


Shipping not included

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> A Vaulting Clinic

You have plenty of choice for clinics: you can choose a clinic that is hold every year, but you can also arrange something at home for clinicians who travel such as Nicolas Andreani, Daniel Kaiser and many others coaches.

Read our article about the summer clinics to have an overview or what you could choose for 2019. Team Noroc also offers a nice concept of clinics.

> A Gift Card from Foodspring

This nice sport nutrition brand developed a wide range of products for several purposes such as eating healthy, build your muscles, or recovery. You can purchase online protein powders, supplements, snacks & bars, but also cereals, superfoods, drinks and smart cooking ingredients.

They have a Christmas Package, too 🙂

Free shipping for orders over 50€

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> A Horse Lover Perfume

We discovered that an American brand, DEMETER, created several fragrances that won’t let horse lovers indifferent:

  • The Stable Fragrance: “Fresh Hay and muck, sweet animal sweat. That’s as real as it get”
  • The Fresh Hay Fragrance: “The smell of fresh cut hay on a hot summer day. Does it take you back there, too?”
  • The Saddle Fragrance: “Another particular version of that worn leather scent.”
Fresh Hay
Fresh Hay

3.4 OZ Cologne Spray 34$

Shipping not included

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> A Photo Shooting

Kirsten n Lachance
Photo: Kirsten N Lachance

This is a dream gift: vaulters don’t have many occasions to create these memories when not competing. The competitions are obviously a great moment to take beautiful pictures, but the day-to-day life at the stables is something all of us would like to remember. Some horses are also very important to their vaulters, but they don’t get photographed that often when they are not training.

We strongly recommend these photographers if you want to go further with this idea:

AnthonyBRO Photography
Nathalie Gtr Photographie
Arjen van der Spek
Andrea Fuchshumer
Julia Schwartz Photography
equestrian vaultingphotography
Sportenphoto/Philippe DENIS
Vintage Lens Photos

> Playmobil Country

Even if it’s a toy, we are sure a grown up vaulter would be thrilled with that gift. It is very useful to explain around what we actually do to non vaulting people!


Shipping not included

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