Vaulting in Poland: Sometimes it needs a step back to move forward

Vaulting in Poland had its strong moments during the 80s and 90s winning medals at important international championships. Unfortunately, they have had some struggles since then. Now it seems as if they are back on track, thanks to national judges, trainers and lungers with lots of motivation, but also thanks to external help from internationally experienced vaulters bringing their knowledge into the country.

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Vaulting Young Stars

Like all of us, even vaulting stars and talents have to start from scratch, train hard and participate in many regional and national competitions before shining on the international stage. We have found some really cute photos that show that they all have started just like everyone in the Vaulting World: as lovely, little vaulting kids!Read More

Spring Party

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!” — Robin Williams

The VW team is based in Spain as you might know… We are luckier than most of you regarding weather conditions, but still! We are very excited to train under the sunshine again and party! Let’s focus on the new trends to get the perfect Spring Party Outfit.

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Gladius – The Show

Gladius – The Show is an American acrobatic equestrian production based on mythology and Gladiators with about 15 performers and 22 horses. We have talked to Alethea Shelton, one of the founders of this spectacular equestrian show about the beginnings and their trainings.

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