Vaulting in the Olympics?

It has been a dream of many vaulters, and it’s getting closer to a reality: we might see vaulting in the Youth Olympics Games (YOG) soon. If you wonder how, keep reading!

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10 skills of a perfect vaulting groom

Being a groom is not easy, especially for a vaulting team. You need to be everywhere and take care of everyone, athletes, lungers and our four-legged partners. Practice, expertise and attention are required. But what makes a perfect vaulting groom? Read on to know what 10 skills a groom should definitely bring!

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Tailored Vaulting Music by Henry Benoit

What are the ingredients to move people to tears during a vaulting freestyle? To succeed in vaulting, you must be a good gymnast, a good horse person, a good dancer or even a good actor somehow. All these ingredients are put together to please your sight. But your sense of hearing is just as powerful: the magical touch that makes you having goosebumps while watching a freestyle, is definitely the vaulting music.

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