Being a groom is not easy, especially for a vaulting team. You need to be everywhere and take care of everyone, athletes, lungers and our four-legged partners. Practice, expertise and attention are required. But what makes a perfect vaulting groom? Read on to know what 10 skills a groom should definitely bring!

> Early Bird

You should definitely be an early bird. You will be the first up and the first on sight, taking care of the horse, feeding, etc.

> Photographer and Social Media Expert

Since you will be backstage and everywhere the team goes, you should definitely be a competent photographer and Social Media Manager to document everything going on behind the scenes. To prepare you should check our blog post about how to take the perfect vaulting picture.

> Project Manager

Vet check, reunions, training sessions, you’ll need to be aware of all the timetables, keep the team together and under control and assign tasks. A former formation as project manager could be useful.

> Psychologist

Most athletes are nervous before going in the arena. Your task will be to push them and calm them at the same time. Be prepared for tears, doubts, desperation just the minutes before the start.

> Comforter

Whatever happens you’ll need to find the right words. A finger nail broke? A Swarovski stone fell off the dress? Nothing worse can happen just before the start. You need to stay calm and fix it, NOW!!!

> Hairdresser

Maybe it won’t be your task, but in the case of emergency you should be prepared to create an amazing hairstyle out of nothing (or save a hairstyle because someone messed up).

> Masseur

All your teammates should be comfortable, right? So if no physiotherapist is near, be prepared to cover this task as well. But don’t let your vaulters fool you! It’s recommended to have experience as masseur to be able to decide whether someone is really tense and needy or not.

> Veterinarian

Not only the athletes need special care, the horses need, too. Just in case you should have the know how of a veterinarian.


You’ll be the first one to check out the stables, the venue and the arena. You’ll need to know where to park the truck, where to get water for the horses or where to have lunch. Be prepared to be a walking GPS!

> Doormat

No matter what happens, you’ll have to accept everything, silently and without comment. Someone screams at you because the hairspray isn’t in its place? Someone throws the sponge at you because you’re running out of time? Well, you’re figuratively the doormat. But please be forgiving with your team, competitions can be intense!


So you’d better check the CV of your vaulting groom so that he or she has all the skills to be the perfect vaulting groom. Maybe your groom has some extra qualities? Tell us!

NOTE: This article is written somewhat exaggerated, don’t take it too serious 😉