In order to help you sell on VW we have prepared a list of 10 tips you should consider when publishing an ad and using the Vaulting World Marketplace. If you have already published an ad, don’t worry, you will have the option to modify it and adjust it to our suggestions.

1. Choose the title wisely

The first thing potential buyers will see is the main headline of your ad so we recommend you to choose your title well. It should be descriptive and maintain some keyword, but not too long. You don’t need to use the word β€œVaulting” in your titles since Vaulting World is a marketplace for everything related to vaulting πŸ˜‰

2. Add as much information as possible

Depending on the category you publish your ad in you can choose among different attributes for your product. However, please feel free to include any information you consider as relevant in the description of your ad. People will find your add easier by using the right keywords (e.g. blue individual catsuit). Ask yourself the question: What would I search for if I was looking for that product/service? The more details you add and the clearer your description is, the better the interested person can imagine the product. This way, you also avoid misunderstandings and deceptions, it will save a lot of time for both of you!

3. Add photos of your product/service

Of course, potential buyers want to see the product before buying it. Therefore, it is essential to provide as many photos as possible. Make sure that the photos have a high quality and show the specific characteristics of the respective product, e.g. the form of the handles of the vaulting surcingle, the sparkling details of a catsuit or the hooks of side reins.

4. Publish your ad in English or various languages

VW is an international marketplace, therefore we recommend you to write your ad in English. Although you are based in Germany, France, Spain or wherever in the world, people from any country might be interested in your product or might have to offer you a product matching your demand. You can also add descriptions in several languages.

5. Set up your profile

We recommend you to fill in all information in your profile such as your name, country and vaulting club. Adding a profile picture helps you to build trust, too. Potential buyers want to see who they are treating with!

6. Provide transparent pricing details

It’s important to provide the price of your product/service and what it includes. You can add this additional information to the description. People would like to know whether shipping is included in the price and how much it might be, or if the price is firm or negotiable for example.

7. Share on social media and via email

Many of your friends or followers might not know that you are offering a product/service. Share your ad on social media to let them know. Below every ad you have the option to directly share the link to it.

8. Respond to messages promptly

Did you know that you will receive a notification via email when someone has sent you a message on VW? Don’t hesitate to react and answer straight away! If you take too long, the interested person might think that the product/service is no longer available and look for another way to get it.

9. Add shipping details

Do you prefer hand delivery or are you willing to send the product to anywhere? You should explain possible buyers whether shipping or transport is possible and how it can be organized. If you prefer to deliver your product in person you can also hand it over at a competition. Indicate where you will be next in the description of your ad!

10. Check demanding ads

Last but not least, we recommend you to check ads demanding a product/service you are offering on a regular basis.Β There might be someone searching for the exact product/service you are offering, but hasn’t contacted you yet.