We have a big news for you: the new version of the Vaulting World Marketplace is finally ready! 

Why a Marketplace?

The idea came up because we observed that something was lacking in the Vaulting World: a single place where we could exchange products and services from all around the globe. The Marketplace aims to connect vaulters from anywhere and to help our beautiful sport growing.

How it works?

You can visit the Marketplace anytime for free without creating an account. You will see the most recent listings at the top of the page, but you can use the filters to search for something more specific. 

There are two options: search by item or by location, in case you want to see what is nearby. 

What products and services are available?

We create several categories and subcategories in order to cover all needs: 

If you would like to add a category or subcategory, please do not hesitate to contact us!

How can I buy something?

  1. Sign up or log in
  2. Open the listing page and select your options (delivery method, quantity, dates…)
  3. Click on “Buy”:
  4. Review the details of the purchase and input your credit card details. The payment will happen immediately, but the money will be hold until the transaction is completed and in maximum of 14 days.
  5. Check the transaction details and wait for the seller/provider to accept the transaction*. You can then discuss freely to agree on details.
  6. Review the seller.

*The seller will get an email notification of a new transaction that needs to be accepted. If the transaction is not accepted within 3 days or before the end date (whichever comes first), the transaction is canceled and no money is transferred.

How can I pay for my product?

You can pay by credit or debit card: Visa, Mastercard, American Express. Other payment methods are available depending on your country.

Merchant Equipment Store Credit Card Logos

If you purchase a product or a service through the Vaulting World Marketplace, we charge 10% commission for service charges.

How can I sell something?

  1. Sign up or log in
  2. Post a new listing:
  3. From the top bar, go to your user settings
  4. Go to the payments tab: Fill the form to add your bank details: your name or legal name of your company, your country, your address and your bank account number
  5. Save and that’s it! A success message will be visible and you can sell and receive money when a transaction happens.

Is there any risk to add bank details?

No. We don’t store this data (it is hosted at the payment provider – Stripe*) and sellers/providers will not be charged anything.

*Stripe is the new standard for online payments. Stripe is one of the best suite of tools for managing Internet activity. They manage multi-billion euro flows each year for innovative companies around the world: Uber, Amazon, Deliveroo, Salesforce, Glovo, WeWork…

How can I invite friends to join the Vaulting World Marketplace?

The Marketplace will growth more and more through the time, and we need your help to spread the word! You can easily invite your friends to discover the Marketplace by clicking on this button from the top bar:

How shipping works on the Vaulting World Marketplace?

Vaulting World does not provide any shipping service. The shipping details should be arranged directly between seller and buyer. The shipping cost is set by the seller when creating a new listing. If you are closeby, you can also decide to pick up your product and avoid shipping costs.

If you have any questions, please contact us! Happy shopping ๐Ÿ˜‰